Business VISION;

To embrace the opportunity of the Internet for skills development, self-empowerment, and keeping up to date with innovative trends in technology and research.

MISSION Statement;

Enhancing the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) that rotate around web research, copywriting, SEO, and content development & management by understanding the relevant innovative and trendy information, gathering of knowledge and online documented expertise and such be in the frontline of helping others with the best practices of research-based self-development.   

Business Profile Summary:

Digi-Plus Executive Cyber is a cyber-business that was started on March 2016 and avails individuals with a cyber-membership account for freelancing online and surfing/browsing the internet and; working on content management tasks, drafting strategic content pieces, doing expert and creative writing tasks in the form of copywriting, OFF page SEO, web research support, publishing of articles, documents editing & formatting support. These tasks and pieces of work are mostly as per customer order and assigned to the respective desk as per their individual expertise.

The account membership is renewable every 6 months from the date of a signed agreement between the account holder and the cyber administration.

An account member is assigned to a workstation that has a computer, internet, and power from which an individual works from. In the case of someone bringing in their personal laptop, or being assigned an office laptop that one could carry home, it has to be a mutual consensus in writing or by word of mouth.

Cyber Office & Administration.

A cyber is purely a platform that engages the digital world of computers, their collective connectivity that can be enhanced to an equal investment opportunity. This requires strategic management to ensure rewarding exposure, income generation, and maximum self-empowerment as well as skills development. The director & the sole business administrator’s mandate is mainly the search and acquisition of potential online customers to secure work, then after engaging interested content & copywriting experts to handle the tasks and provide the work platform, the cyber office; collecting the paid money from the respective clients via the website and thereby settling respective payments for each account holder of the accrued dues which range according to individual pieces of work done, at an agreed settlement date.

Director: Peter Ndiritu

Tel: 0725445422

Office Address: Azima Sacco Building Rm 304, Kenyatta Highway.
P. 0 Box 7036, Thika

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)