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How to Structure a Formal Personal Document Properly

During any job recruitment, an employer is informed about the persons applying for the job vacancy by their curriculum vitae [C.V]. It is the first impression an applicant presents to the potential employer. Meeting a person for the first time the most common way of judging them is by the way they look. In job application, it is no different the same criteria is used where the look of your application documents counts a lot.  Apart from a great format, coming up with a good and presentable curriculum vitae requires much effort in ensuring the fonts and the spacing used in your C.V are the best. These are what determine the interest the reader will put in reading through your C.V with the many applicants in any given job position, employers spend minimum time at most 10 seconds per document. This means that you have to be the best to be shortlisted. Even though coming up with a great and job winning C.V might seem unachievable, seeking help from experts here at is advised.

Looking for Professional C.V Spacing Assistance

Best way to space a CVFonts are basically the type of text style for numbers and letters used when typing. Creating a presentable C.V will require you to use fonts that ease readability of your content. A C.V is very important; therefore choosing a good font size for your C.V that a reader can quickly read through will increase the chances of the reader taking their time to see what you have to offer. If you have a longer content, make sure you choose a font that will not occupy too much space causing an unappealing increase in the number of pages of your C.V. This is because the spacing you use in a C.V really counts for the employer to give you an opportunity. Some employers prefer reading applications through a computer screen; therefore using a font that is universally compatible with different types of computers will enhance your chances of being a shortlisted candidate. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a font to use while writing a C.V:

  • When writing your C.V make sure you write in a way that the reader will be able to read through the whole document with ease, especially when you have longer content to write on your C.V.
  • It is advisable to use the type of font that is widely used by people globally. This will be able to enhance the compatibility of fonts with the readers’ computers.
  • A good font is a good way of showing how stable you are. Potential employers prefer dealing with individuals who portray stability in their C.Vs thus giving you a greater chance for an interview.

 Spacing that Makes your C.V Look Professional

To avoid having so many pages in your C.V utilize every space. However, for easy reading through ensure:

  • There are white spaces between paragraphs mostly 1.15
  • Single spacing between words.

What is the Best Font Size to use while Writing a C.V?

Quality CV writing servicesA good C.V is the one which has a good format and structure, perfect font style and size, and the spacing between the sentences and the essential segments of a CV. If you need excellent C.V spacing help we are readily available and we offer high-quality services to all our clients. We charge friendly charges that will make you see the value of your money by delivering you with the best CV. Some individuals tend to use fancy fonts on their C.V in the name of a portraying a different style of writing and standing out among others, but they don’t understand that the main reason for using a clear and readable C.V font is to make your content easily interpreted by the potential employers. Choosing a font for your CV will enable you to communicate your intended message to your potential employer in a length that is more reasonable. 

Which Font Makes a C.V Look Professionally Presentable?

Different jobs require different C.V formats and also the details to include. The following are tips you can follow to intensify your job hunt:

  • Be concise. Write a 1 to 2 pages document with more emphasis on your work experience, professional qualifications, and education.
  • Display your contact details accurately. This will ensure that you can easily be contacted
  • State only the relevant training. Every employer wants to know what you will bring in the organization. Be specific on mentioning skills related to the job.
  • Be chronological. Ensure that when listing work experience and academic qualifications, you start with the most recent.
  • Avoid being redundant. Don’t put ‘curriculum vitae’ on top of your document as a title, instead of date of birth just write your age for easy reading.

Best Font to use for a Presentable C.V

When deciding on the best font to use when writing your C.V, it is important to put in mind the following:

  • One should be able to read through with ease
  • Use a font commonly used or that which is compatible with most computers in case of online submission
  • A good font choice portrays your professionalism to the potential employer.

Tahoma, Calibri, Helvetica, and Verdana are some but a few examples of the suitable fonts to use in a C.V.