This is a policy that explains how we handle and use your personal details. We know how much you value the privacy of your work, and as such we do our best to ensure that your information is kept very secure. We uphold trustworthiness and responsibility, through the following regulations.

Collected Information

When you place an order with us, you will be required to give us your details which we use to process your order. We understand that this is personal information, and therefore it is only visible to the person(s) assisting you. You can feel at ease while sending your information to us, as no one else will have access to it.

Maximum Confidentiality

When you have placed an order and we commence your work, we ensure to keep the details of your work very confidential. We do not resell content, which means that you will have a sense of belonging to the work we provide to you. Other parties are not given the chance to see your work since there will only be communication between you and the person handling your work.

Using Cookies

To know who the user is and also observe the activities they are doing, there are small pieces of information that are sent to your computer. This can however never take place if you haven’t given us your consent, although this could give you limited or no access to our services.

Strict Observation of Children Online Privacy Protection Law

The law prohibits online service provision to children, and as such we only work with people above 18 years. This however only applies to online services, otherwise offline services are not something that we can be held accountable for.