In order to effectively work with us, there has to be a few rules and regulations to follow. Once you have decided to work with us, it means that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions of our website. We are the people providing you with the kind of services that you need, but this does not mean that a third party will accept your work. This is not something that we shall be held responsible for; especially if we have followed all the instructions you have given.

Placing an Order

You need to send us your personal details, which are your name, email and what you need from us. They have to be correct and valid, to avoid inconveniences while delivering your work.

24/7 Customer Care Service Guarantee;

We are that very professional firm you can communicate to at any given time of the day, we work round the clock to ensure that every client who reaches us for assistance do not get disappointed with delays.

Work Delivery Strategy

When working with us, it is good for you to fully understand that your work shall be provided to you within the given time which we have agreed. However, we shall never be held responsible in case you do not receive your work resulting to wrong email or maybe not following up on your work after placing an order. Otherwise, your cooperation is highly valued which makes it possible for us to deliver a quality, correct and complete piece of work on time.

Free Revisions

When we offer services to you, we ensure to provide you with the best services that shall be approved. At times there could be corrections required, and that’s why we ensure to submit your work at an earlier date to give you the chance to review our services and inquire for revision if necessary. This can however only happen within 1-week maximum after work deadline and delivery, and the content delivered shouldn’t be altered at all. Revisions after 1 week are charged for.


By giving us the go-ahead to work on your project, you also give us the right to charge your credit card or account the full amount that we have agreed. There are discounts given, but then issues such as spacing, length of your work and urgency are things to be considered. We, however, need to warn you against using a source of fund that does not belong to you, as this will lead to an investigation by the authority being a crime punishable by law.

Refund Policy

In case you, unfortunately, realize that your work has been done not according to the instructions you gave or rather have major contextual errors, you have the right to inquire for a refund of your money. This can however only happen within the given time, which is from the time you received your work to the date when a refund can be provided. That is 24 hours after work submission. You are entitled to a free review policy to cater for minor work corrections that otherwise would not be termed as refundable cases. After such a date, we are not under any obligation to refund your money.

Instructions Policy

We cannot just process your work from any point, which means that you have to direct us on how you want to have your work done. It, therefore, means that your instructions have to be very clear and understandable; otherwise, we cannot complete your order for perfect work.